Product Diversification Through Technology Acquisition and Innovation for Flexible Packaging

Lintec Label & Print Solutions specializes in flexographic label production, commercial printing, print finishings and graphic design. Lintec is looking to diversify their production line and enter the flexible packaging market through the production of printing equipment with lamination capabilities, as well as equipment to convert the printed film into pouches. Flexible packaging is a relatively new and rapidly growing method in the packaging market.

The goal of this collaborative project with CMCES is to discover the challenges of existing materials, and from these results move into formulation development, and process optimization to provide a safe, profitable, recyclable, and reliable product to launch into the marketplace.

The current Canadian demand has been covered by mainly large US companies setting up operations in Canada, and by Chinese imports. The market is forecasted to grow at least $5B between 2022-2025 and flexible packaging will count for 30%. Success of the project will help Lintec and other flexography companies in Ontario & Canada to expand their production lines, and for new companies to establish production locally instead of relying on imports. It will help boost the local and national economy through job creation while improving the quality of products.  Use of bioplastics will also support environmental sustainability.

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